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Hilton Head Web Design: Social Media and E-Commerce

With so many ways to connect with our social networks online, it is not surprising that social media is significantly fueling the E-Commerce world. Interacting with customers via social media not only allows you to keep long-term customers updated, but it also allows your company to bring in new customers on a regular basis. It is important that a Hilton Head web design expert effectively utilize social media integration in order to grow your E-Commerce website.

Perhaps the best way to engage with your customers through social media is to consistently post and update fresh content about the products being sold. When users see information about your company, product or service on a daily basis, they are more likely to visit your website and possibly purchase your product on your E-Commerce website. Allowing users to log in to their social media pages through your website also creates an interactive experience for users.

Another great way to engage social media users is to integrate social sharing buttons throughout your E-Commerce website. Allowing users to share information via popular social networking websites will keep your product and E-Commerce website at the forefront of “trending topics” within individual social networks. If a user notices their friend frequently approves of your website, they are more likely to explore it as well.

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Web Design Jacksonville, FL: Enhancing Your Web Design

Imagine browsing a website with confusing form fields, unorganized text boxes and a myriad of images that are completely unrelated to the company brand. If this was your online experience, chances are you wouldn’t want to explore the website much further. Your website’s layout, including images, fonts and colors, can have a big impact on user experience.

One of the most important ways your expert in web design (Jacksonville, FL) can enhance user experience is to successfully utilize intuitive navigation. Most users are familiar with the navigation layout that places the important links along the top of the page with secondary links being placed on a sidebar or in the footer. A creative layout is important to a website, but if a user is confused or unfamiliar with the navigation, they are more likely to stop looking at the page rather than stay to figure it out.

Another great way to enhance user experience is to rid your website of unnecessary clutter. Images are important for any web design (Jacksonville, FL) layout, but should not be used in excess as it can be visually overwhelming to the reader. Staying away from competing calls to action, keeping paragraphs short and limiting the number of links on a page can significantly decrease clutter and entice a user to explore your site further.

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SEO Savannah: Benefits of Responsive Web Design

With the rising popularity of mobile devices, companies are faced with the decision of developing a mobile or responsive website for their business. Though creating a mobile website seems like a logical choice, the layout of a responsive site will actually adjust to the size of any mobile device. Not only does responsive design make it easier for your SEO Savannah expert to increase your search engine rank, it also saves your company time and money in the future.

One of the major SEO benefits of developing a responsive website versus mobile is your site will avoid duplicate content. Many websites designed specifically for mobile are merely a recreation of the desktop site with little to no original content. Replicated content can completely remove your website’s credibility on search engines and drastically decrease your SEO Savannah ranking. However, a responsive website allows your company to develop and maintain your search engine credibility by having a single set of content for each URL.

Another great benefit of developing a responsive website is saving company cost. Search engine optimization can be very costly and time consuming. With a mobile website, an SEO Savannah expert would have to start from scratch with SEO efforts. However, a responsive website allows you to keep optimization efforts intact including internal link structure, meta description, keywords and more. Responsive websites also save money on future website updates because any changes will only need to be made once, rather than twice.

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Savannah Web Design: Choosing the Right Type

Typography plays a leading role in the world of web design and it remains one of the main focal points of any website. If a user is unable or unwilling to view web copy due to poor typographic choices, it may deter them from exploring the website further. Making proper typographic choices is paramount in Savannah website design.

One of the most important factors a Savannah web design expert must consider with the client is the intent of the content. Is the content technical and informative, requiring the full attention of its reader or will they be quickly scrolling through tidbits of information? Serif typefaces with a wide enough white space between letters can significantly decrease reader fatigue for the user. They allow the user enough visual breaks between the letters while still maintaining a sense of connection from one word to the next.

Another important factor to consider is the layout of the website. Complex designs require the usage of properly defined typographic hierarchy to keep the user’s interest. Typographic elements like text size, typeface and spacing help create a typographic hierarchy, making it easier for the user to distinguish one block of content from another.

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Web Design Jacksonville FL: Responsive Tips

From laptops and Netbooks to tablets and cell phones, new mobile devices are constantly being pushed into the market in all shapes and sizes. With the rising popularity of these devices, many companies view responsive web design as a necessity. It is important that your expert in web design Jacksonville, FL, designs a responsive website that is both comfortable and functional to increase user experience.

One of the most important considerations when designing a responsive website is the main navigation. Users rely heavily on the main navigation to guide them through a website’s content. A great way to improve its design is to ensure the navigation can be maneuvered with just one hand as opposed to placing both hands on the screen. You can also improve mobile navigation by designing buttons large enough for the user to target with their finger or thumb.

Other ways to optimize your users’ mobile web experience include creating a layout that is simple and easy to read, removing non-essential site content and making sure your responsive layout is flexible enough to properly adapt to various screen sizes.

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